Photo Gallery

Sarracenia flava

Fly on Sarracenia flava

Fly on Sarracenia flava

Fly and hover fly on Sarracenia flava

Hover fly on a Sarracenia

Fly drinking nectar off of Sarracenia Flava

Sarracenia rubra - (For Sale on Etsy)

Sarracenia rubra

Drosera x 'Hercules'

Comparison of Cape Sundews

A large pot of flytraps

Cape sundews

A baby flytrap

Drosera capensis 'Red' and 'Alba'

The monster like traps of Dionaea M. 'Alien'

A 1 inch sized trap on Dionaea M. 'Sawtooth'

Drosera capensis in the morning sun

Drosera filiformis v. tracyi in the middle

A fly stuck on Drosera capensis. 'Alba'

Two red flytraps

An indoor carnivorous plant setup

Indoor setups must have a source of artificial lights, like these grow lights.

An outdoor carnivorous plant setup

Many sundews can be grown from their very own leaves

The forked leafed sundew

A plethora of pitcher plants!

A venus flytrap coming out of dormancy

The sharp looking teeth of Dionaea M. 'Sawtooth'